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Take the challenge, expand your training and experience and add some depth to your Burma diving adventures! PADI's Deep Diver programme offers you the adventure of a lifetime - going deep to see things others only dream about.

PADI Deep Diver Specialty Course with Dive The World Burma

When divers socialise and the talk turns to big, high-adrenaline dives, you can count on deep sitesg coming up in conversation. There's no doubt about it, deep diving can be a thrill.

The course includes 4 open water dives, which are conducted over at least 2 days. The minimum depth for the deep dives is between 18 to 30 metres, with no none exceeding 40 metres. All your dives will be conducted within the no-decompression limits. Burma liveaboards are ideal for this programme as there are many deep sites.

During your course, you'll learn how to manage the added risk that comes with deep diving, with skills and techniques, and how to be prepared for emergencies and errors that can happen. Topics covered include:

  • Planning, organisation, procedures, problems and hazards of deep diving;
  • Risk factors and decompression-tables review;
  • Safety stops and emergency decompression procedures;
  • Special equipment, descent lines, buddy contact and buoyancy-control considerations;
  • Managing your air/gas supply and dealing with gas narcosis;
  • Procedures for flying after diving and high-altitude diving;
  • Orientation to re-compression chambers.

The reason this training is important is that our margin for error narrows with depth. That's not an issue provided absolutely nothing goes wrong and you make no mistakes. But as we go deeper, we use air faster and have shorter no stop limits. The surface is much farther away and harder to reach, extended by the effects of nitrogen narcosis. Conditions can be more adverse and unpredictable, with colder water, poorer visability and light, and stronger currents.

The rewards of the PADI Deep Diver course is in extending your personal limits and accomplishments, and the fulfillment that comes with doing something potentially dangerous and challenging, in a way that manages the risk responsibly.

You can take this course if you are an Adventure Diver and at least 15 years old. The core Deep Dive conducted during the Adventures in Diving programme may be counted toward this specialty.

Burma Diving Course Outline

Location: on board Myanmar liveaboards

Boat Dives: 4 - Integrated into your cruise

Duration: 2 days

Total Price (incl. all taxes): US$ 100 per person

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